4 mistakes you may be making when styling your hair

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Styling or brushing your hair properly makes an enormous distinction. Here square measure four common errors and the way to mend them:

1st mistake: haircare your hair together with you be

When brushing your hair, tilt your head down, virtually as if you’re attempting to touch your toes. haircare your hair during this manner stimulates your scalp and takes care of the bristles of the comb or comb

2. Brushing or Haircare wet hair

Brushing or haircare wet hair causes additional breakage than once dry. To avoid volume once brushing your hair, you’ll be able to use smoothing humor or conditioner.

Brushes appropriate to be used on wet hair typically have skinny, versatile bristles that square measure gentler on the strands and detangle hair while not jerking. There square measure even brushes that enable air to flow into whereas styling, serving to to dry the strands because the movement progresses. a large tooth comb is additionally an honest choice to use on wet hair.

3. You will want a brush designed for your hair sort.

A brush or comb does not suit all hair types: fine hair desires a unique bristle than thick hair, and ringleted hair and straight hair have fully totally different needs.
Find a brush that works for your hair. A boar head brush for fine hair and a large tooth comb for ringleted locks.

4th mistake: haircare your hair from higher than

While it feels economical to surface high of the hair and brush or comb through the length, this causes it to stretch an excessive amount of and if there square measure knots, it will break the hair or produce knots. Comb slowly from the ends of your hair to the scalp to stop breakage.