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The wild rainforest back in town, the Suarez Hotel, a little outside of town, was expecting the stark opposite: a mega-well-kept complex, everything super chic and stylish. 

When traveling through southern Africa, most people spontaneously think of a classic safari: a tour by jeep in search of lions, elephants, and giraffes. Few people know that the seemingly endless desert landscape in the border area between Namibia and South Africa can also be crossed in a breathtaking way by bike.

On the way back to Germany we wondered when we were last so surprised by a vacation. We flew to Johannesburg with completely different expectations to travel through the southernmost country in Africa for three weeks and then fly home again from Cape Town. So what was so different than expected?

We have just come back from our third tour of Portugal and are just thrilled. Portugal has so much to offer. Whether traditional villages, relaxed big cities like Lisbon or Porto, countless beaches, cliffs, good waves for surfing, and much more. It just never gets boring in Portugal, there is always something new to discover.

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