Ideal places to spend New Year’s Eve in Spain

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The end of the year is approaching and our traveling heads cannot help but think of the ideal destination to spend the last night of the year. This party can be a great excuse to make the last getaway of the year and start the next year on the right foot, on the road! 

Madrid on New Year’s Eve

This may be the destination that comes to mind first when thinking about a New Year’s Eve getaway in Spain.

If you decide to travel to Madrid to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you can have the grapes into the rhythm of the chimes. While other years the bells of the Puerta del Sol clock sounded on television, this time you will have the opportunity to get involved with the rooms and the chimes live and direct.

In Puerta del Sol and its surroundings, the atmosphere is very lively. You will see many people dressed up with the typical party accessories, do not forget your wig or your noisemaker! 

An important recommendation: to ensure a space in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid on New Year’s Eve you should go well in advance since when the time for the chimes approaches, the entrances through the adjacent streets are blocked to avoid too many people.


The city of the Alhambra and tapas also holds a lot of festivity in its streets. This can be a great destination to celebrate New Years Eve.

During a two-day getaway to Granada, you can discover the most essential wonders of Granada. I recommend that you extend your stay a bit to enjoy the beauty of Granada.

On New Year’s Eve, the  (where the Town Hall is located) is the setting from which to say goodbye to the year by taking the lucky grapes . From here you can enjoy fireworks to welcome the new year with a smile. In addition, in the Plaza del Carmen there is also usually a festival to start the party that you can then continue in the many pubs and discos of Granada.

Rural getaway

This is often my plan for the last night of the year. Spend New Year’s Eve with friends in a great rural house . Local specialties, board games, cocktails and lots of laughs are never lacking in this type of rural getaway.

The most common destination is usually a town in Castellón (where I live); close to home, an economic plan, good rural gastronomy and a village festival. A good combination for New Years Eve!

Surely near where you live there are also charming villages and cozy rural houses ideal to spend the next New Year’s Eve.

Mediterranean coast: great hotel and spa

Saying goodbye to the year by the sea is a luxury, but doing it in a 4-star hotel with a spa and located by the sea is a great luxury.

For these dates, there are many hotels that create special packages that include both accommodation and a good dinner. Some of these packages for New Year’s Eve 2019 include gala dinners, New Year’s Eve parties, parties with live music, and even a very appetizing New Year’s brunch. The destinations: the Costa Blanca, the Costal del Sol or the Costa de Almería.

On New Year’s Day, many people sit down to think of their good resolutions for the coming year. 

If you decide to hire one of these hotel packages, you can define your New Year’s resolutions while relaxing in a spa after a good walk on the beach under the Mediterranean sun.

It should be noted that a positive aspect of choosing to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a hotel is that you can completely forget about the preparations: cooking, last-minute shopping, etc. Here you just have to let yourself be pampered and enjoy!

Your own home

In my opinion, any excuse is good to go on a trip, like celebrating New Years Eve in a new place! In fact, I take this practice so seriously that a couple of years ago I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw (Poland)

But really, what is most enjoyed on this special night is good company . A pleasant dinner with family or friends is the main ingredient for a successful New Year’s Eve celebration.

If you decide to organize the party at home, you will have to prepare:

  • The menu, don’t forget the grapes and cava!
  • The decoration:
    • Ideas to decorate the table on New Year’s Eve
    • Dance area
    • A little photocall
  • The playlist with songs to dance the night away

These are just some ideas about places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain, what do you think? Do you have any other proposal?