Reasons to travel in winter

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When we think of vacations, we immediately associate it with summer. But why not travel in winter? Taking a trip in the cold months also has its good things that you may not have known. In this article, I leave you a top 5 reasons to travel in winter. 

There is no doubt that the beach and the warmth are wonderful, but the picture of a snowy mountain is incredible. As you will see below, traveling in winter has its charm.

What can you read in this article?

  • Ski Season
  • Travel cheaper
  • Less crowds
  • Winter magic
  • Free from allergies and mosquitoes

Ski Season

If you are a person who likes to travel more in winter than in summer and you also like extreme sports, going skiing will be your perfect winter getaway. Ready to get an adrenaline rush on the snow?

Ski lovers can only practice their favorite sport in winter. Besides being a great way to warm up, skiing is an adventure! So this is the perfect excuse to travel to national mountain destinations like the Pyrenees. 

If you visit Vielha, the capital of the Val d’Aran, find accommodation in Vielha and enjoy sailing through its white sea.

Travel cheaper

Normally in high season, which is usually the summertime, there is more demand and therefore prices rise. So, in low season, demand falls and prices fall as well. 

For this reason, tourism companies are forced to prepare special offers to attract tourism. That is why it is more likely that you will find really cheap plane or train tickets. This was the case for my trip to Sofia in winter, I paid € 30 for my roundtrip plane tickets!

Traveling in winter means being able to take advantage of important offers and promotions. On the other hand, if you are a person who lives from day to day and who likes to improvise, traveling at this time of year will be an advantage for you. 

Something positive about traveling in winter is that you will not have to reserve transport or accommodation weeks in advance. 

You can travel improvised , without planning everything in advance, and without this meaning paying much more money for your accommodation or transportation.

Less crowds

Another reason to travel in winter is that tourist destinations and their monuments are less crowded. This allows you to visit the tourist attractions offered by our destination with more tranquility and without having to wait in long lines.

In summer or times like Easter, school holidays coincide with work holidays for a large part of the population. While there are fewer who choose to have their vacations and their trips in winter.

Traveling in winter means being able to walk quietly through tourist places without even having to deal with a large influx of people; something of vital importance especially today.

In addition, another advantage is that we will not have to go crazy when it comes to finding a table in restaurants. 

Winter magic

The adorable scenarios that seem taken from stories that winter gives us, summer does not give us. A magical experience that we can enjoy in winter is the Christmas Markets . 

Both the Christmas markets in our territory, such as Santa Llucía in Barcelona, ​​as well as the popular Christmas markets in European cities are one of my favorite winter destinations. 

So far I have had the pleasure of visiting the Christmas Markets in Poland, Germany, and Belgium.

When visiting these magical winter places, we can delight ourselves with delicious cups of tea, hot chocolate, spiced wine and other local specialties such as gingerbread cookies decorated for the occasion. 

Additionally, the illuminated streetscape full of Christmas decorations creates a most magical image. If during your trip you are lucky enough that it snows at your destination, you can. also, marvel at an authentic winter scene.

Free from allergies and mosquitoes

Another plus point for traveling in winter is that there are no mosquitoes! How good it is without having a body full of pesky bites. 

Being able to rest peacefully at night without hearing the buzz of mosquitoes hovering around your head. We also won’t have those tireless flies hovering over our meals.

On the other hand, during the colder months, pollen levels are usually very low . So allergy sufferers can enjoy their trips and getaways without suffering annoying allergy attacks.

There is no doubt that traveling outside of high season hides real gems that you can only enjoy in winter. In addition to highlighting that it is a total success for our pocket. 

The ideal months to travel are November, December, January and February since it is low season in many destinations around the world and our budget will go beyond itself when it comes to enjoying some wonderful days as a couple or as a family.